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Withdrawal of Charred Bodies - Accident On 376 Br
Seven people died and five were injured in an accident on the border between Paraná and Santa Catarina.
Rescuers had much work to remove victims who were trapped in the wreckage. The accident was on the BR-376, which connects to the Paraná coast of Santa Catarina, in a stretch of twisty.
According to the Federal Highway Police, traffic was stopped due to an accident that had occurred miles ahead. A truck was heading south failed to stop and struck the vehicle they were in line.
In addition to achieving three cars, truck runaway hit yet another three in trucks. One was a shriek from the highway concessionaire

Sete pessoas morreram e cinco ficaram feridas em um acidente, na divisa do Paraná com Santa Catarina.
As equipes de resgate tiveram muito trabalho para retirar as vítimas que ficaram presas nas ferragens. O acidente foi na BR-376, que liga o Paraná ao litoral de Santa Catarina, em um trecho de muitas curvas.
Segundo a Polícia Rodoviária Federal, o tráfego estava parado em função de um acidente que tinha ocorrido quilômetros à frente. Um caminhão que vinha no sentido sul não conseguiu parar e bateu nos veículos que estavam na fila.
Além de atingir três carros, o caminhão desgovernado bateu ainda em outros três caminhões. Um deles era um guincho da concessionária da rodovia

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And they guy, who murdered them, was released on bail ( 1500 USD) and probably won't go to jail

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looks like a new spectator sport

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Over a thousand protesters to go home Cabral, on the beach of Leblon and face PM
Last night, the 4th of July, more than a thousand people protested in the street where you live access to the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral. The politician lives in a luxury building in Leblon, one of the most expensive in the world and the most expensive square meter of Brazil. Police early on has blocked access to the street to prevent protesters arrived at the building. As has been happening frequently, journalists monopoly, used to criminalize movements combative, were expelled from the building. Gradually, the number of people grew and space was getting shorter until police began firing pepper spray indiscriminately. Protesters once again showed courage and faced the troops of repression with stones and bottles.

After the confrontation, at least five protesters were arrested. By the time our team left the place, a group of about 200 people kept the street from the home of Sergio Cabral blocked.

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Student shoots two colleagues
He fired two colleague, who were medicated and not risk their lives.
The incident happened in a school of Minas Gerais.
The shooter suffers from mental disorders and took the gun from a uncle who's a cop miltar in MG.

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Viva o Gordo - Exporter of corrupt - Exportador de corrupto
Programa do Jô Soares de 1982

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como posso compartilhar isso????
ou não posso.

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Clica no share, sobre o video

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Protests spread in Brazil 13
Protesters follow in an orderly manner, without tumult toward the Rio-Niterói bridge when clash with the Shock Battalion, Military Police, who would not even talk, sent pump and rubber bullet.

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Protests spread in Brazil 12
Flag PT - Party of President Dilma and Lula - being burned at the March Against Corruption in São Paulo

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Protests spread in Brazil 11
Prostestos in Fortaleza-Ceará (Brazil 2-0 Mexico) 19/06/2013
Protest sticks roadblock and clashes with PM in Fortaleza
Roadblock was redone after the confrontation with the protesters.Group tried to enter limited area, but was restrained by the PM.

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Protests spread in Brazil 10
Demonstrators clash with police during opening Confederations CupSurrounding the Mane Garrincha stadium, there was confrontation and shots of tear gas.

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